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The Worst Landlord is a comedy web series from Notion Films about a Tenant (Will Carey) who moves into a new apartment and immediately meets his annoying Landlord (Kevin Froleiks).

Over the course of 37 episodes, the Tenant is tortured by the antics of the Landlord.  As the 3-minute episodes progress, however, we learn more about these two characters and discover that they are both victims in different ways.

The final episode was released on March 12, 2014 but you can watch the complete web series on YouTube.  Take a look at the trailer to see what people have to say about The Worst Landlord, and then watch all 3 seasons to experience it for yourself!

Season 1The first season of The Worst Landlord introduces us to the Tenant, who is constantly dealing with the antics of his annoying Landlord.

Season 2The second season of The Worst Landlord begins after the events of season 1.  The Tenant is unemployed, and the Landlord reveals a secret about the building.  This leads to some shocking discoveries and life changes.

Season 3 - The third and final season of The Worst Landlord starts off immediately after the events of season 2.  The Landlord wakes up on the streets in front of the apartment building and assumes a new identity.  The Tenant, in an effort to pay the rent, let’s a new roommate move in. As the season progresses we learn more about who the Landlord really is.



Here it is! The final episode of The Worst Landlord!

(Enjoy the fact that nearly half the video is credits/amazing song written by Kevin Froleiks)

This is it!  This is the final episode of The Worst Landlord!  Thank you so much to all of you who have watched, liked, and shared these videos over the last year and a half!

S3E13 - In the final episode of The Worst Landlord, things appear to be back to normal.  That is until the Landlord shows up and asks the Tenant for help with one last adventure!

Download a free mp3 of the song “Goodbye, Landlord” here!

Starring Kevin Froleiks and Will Carey

Guest Starring Havilah McGinnis as The Wife

Here’s a cool bonus video from The Worst Landlord!  This is a mash-up of our web series and Breaking Bad!  Warning: contains spoilers for both shows.

Check out the first 36 episode of TWL here:

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Second-to-last episode of The Worst Landlord! Catch up on all 3 seasons for the SERIES FINALE NEXT WEEK!!!

S3E12 - Edmond faces Phil Deadman in one final battle!


3rd to last episode of The Worst Landlord!! This one is epic. And our longest (with a running time of 4 and a half minutes). Enjoy!

Only 2 episodes left!

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